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    Picture of Atabaque - Drums
    Atabaque - Drums£350.00 incl tax
    No roda can be without an authentic Brazilian atabaque that should look as good as it sounds. Made specifically for Capoeira, our atabaques are shipped fully assembled from Brazil where they are hand crafted by professional artisans. Each atabaque is reinforced from the interior by iron rims for acoustic isolation. A leather drum head is tightened by natural rope to ensure a crisp and defined sound. Wooden wedges secure the base of the rope for easy tuning
    Picture of Berimbau
    Berimbau£80.00 incl tax
    Berimbaus are the quintessential instrument of any capoeirista. Our Berimbaus are beautifully hand made in Brazil with the best quality materials. A discount applies when purchased with the Berimbau case.
    Picture of Pandeiro- Tambourine
    Pandeiro- Tambourine£80.00 incl tax
    How does one of the simple capoeira instruments like the Pandeiro get a big title like "The Instrument of Brazil"? By being used all over Brazil, that’s how! This little drum is a key instrument in the world of Brazilian music. It is also very important within Capoeira. It’s the next instrument in line after the Berimbau.
    3 products found